Why a leading technology consulting firm needed a consultation from Brand X

ESG is a very smart group of industry specialists with a deep understanding of technology vendors, end-users, channel partners, the media, and investors. For technology executives who need insight into market dynamics and competitive trends, they are the go-to source of intelligence.

So why would they need our help?

When we first met with ESG, they were in the process of launching ESG Strategy Lifecycle—a methodology and process for taking a new technology product from concept to successful marketplace adoption.

But their website, marketing content, and report templates were out of date and failed to reflect the professionalism of their organization, or the fees they charge. Worse, their brand did not convey the immense value they provide their customers.

In order to successfully launch the ESG Strategy Lifecycle initiative and grow their practice, they needed to rebrand the company, evolve their web presence and revamp their communications design program to reflect their value and differentiate them from competitors. They needed a new platform from which to grow.

How did we solve the problem?

Beginning with brand discovery, we interviewed ESG principles, managers, analysts, and other stakeholders to better understand what they do for clients—from a functional, as well as an emotional perspective—and grasp how they differ from other well-known technology consulting firms like Gartner and Forrester.

For one thing, we discovered they’re far less aloof than other consulting firms. I had heard from clients who worked with ESG that their style is hands-on and user-friendly. We confirmed this insight in our discovery sessions, and explored how it helps them put clients at ease in moments when they need to be brutally honest.

Startup companies with remarkable inventions often fail because they can't see all the hazards that can sabotage them. They don’t have a broad market understanding of end-user pain points or opportunities that can be successfully exploited. ESG’s key strength is their holistic view of the technology ecosystem, coming from deep engagement in all quarters. Thoughtful analysis based on their unique perspective can be the difference between success and failure for a new technology offering.

Where we came out

After much discussion and analysis we summed up ESGs ultimate customer value as ”getting to the bigger truth”. This theme was baked into everything they communicate, including the title of CEO Steve Duplessie’s personal blog, The Bigger Truth.

'Getting to the bigger truth' is a mantra that telegraphs their key customer value in a memorable way, and opens the door to lively discussions with prospects. The warm color theme we used for their new branding communicates their style of engaging with clients and the community at large. The tonality of their content and the look of their graphical elements place them in direct opposition to the standoffish intellectualism of the good-old-boy consulting firms.

ESG is opinionated, and they don’t mind saying so! So we played it up.

What were the deliverables?

  • Brand Discovery process
  • Brand Presentation
  • Corporate ID system
  • Trade show graphics
  • Web Site Redesign
  • Content and Report templates as part of a new publishing system

What are the results?

Since the relaunch of the new ESG brand, the company has been able to focus their efforts while being positioned for growth. They’ve added new content channels, such as video reports and product reviews, as well as updating their web site to a more robust and scalable platform, while retaining the brand messaging and visual themes. The ESG brand positioning continues to define their unique value in the technology ecosystem, and acts as a magnet to attract clients who want to feel a passionate level of involvement from their consulting partner.

Title slide of the ESG brand Discovery deck

Title slide of the ESG brand Discovery deck

“The rebranding effort lead by Brand X provided a brand identity to be proud of.  It spoke to our core values and provided a strong foundation to grow from moving forward.”

—Diana Eastty, ESG VP of Marketing

Visualizing the ESG Strategy Lifecycle

Home page for the ESG web site

ESG's new logo and tagline

ESG's new logo and tagline

Page from the ESG style guide

Templates from the ESG content publishing system